Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Domo Review

As a mature Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, Domo's side is entirely on the browser, needless to say, thus there is no shopper to transfer and install. what is more, knowledge|the info|the information} cache engine isn't a conventional data warehouse. you'll manipulate Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) operations and do information cleansing within the engine when the load, and there is no limit on what quantity information you'll store


While the corporate cites "more than 450" connectors, solely regarding 114 square measure like a shot on the market within the "battle-hardened" cluster. the rest aren't turned on by default and you may have to be compelled to get a computer address from the Domo support team to use one. Still, that is a formidable range of connectors, and it's extremely unlikely you'll need hassle connecting to information anyplace as a result.

True to type, loading information throughout our testing method was a breeze. thereupon some ways in, you are not possible to search out yourself bolted out. Once you click on the "Connect your data" button, you visit associate degree choices screen. To load my regionally keep CSV files, I had to begin by clicking on "Data Center" there. below knowledge|the info|the information} Center button is wherever you will find the list of information sets that square measure on the market to you; this includes something you have place there and sample data sets, too. From there, it is a straightforward matter of clicks and drag-and-drops and your information is prepared to figure

If you are in finance or attention or any trade or country with a slew of information protection rules with that you wish to abide by, then you've got variety of choices with Domo. you'll use the work table Tool, that sits on your server or the other Microsoft Windows-based machine to write then push your information to Domo. otherwise you will select one amongst 2 hybrid options: you'll use associate degree on-premises virtual machine (VM) and use the Domo querying engine behind your firewall, otherwise you will run Domo on another querying engine and it and your information stays behind your firewall.

If, however, you are mistreatment Domo within the regular means, as I was, then you'll preview, parse, and edit your information next below "Overview" and you'll set the automobile update frequency moreover. If you wish to attach information sources, then you'll try this on the information Center page. simply click "Accounts" then follow the prompts to feature your information sets.

The Data Warehouse button permits you to explore the information in associate degree interactive format. an easy click fetches your information and offers you a report on what you've got there. this is often additionally wherever you perform your information schoolwork, information connection, and ETL tasks. whereas I wasn't an admirer of most of Domo's program (UI), I found this to be a reasonably sweet setup. Then again, i am a info skilled with several familiarity with Structured command language (SQL) and Domo is intending this for a lot of general, business-level analysts. The SQL skills and different skills required to properly and completely try this information schoolwork work could or might not be a part of what your organization expects from that level of users, particularly during this day and age once self-serve metallic element apps square measure being pushed resolute the rank-and-file. Bottom line: of us while not associate degree appreciation for SQL and information management skills in all probability will not notice this a part of the UI spectacular either

Domo has quite eighty five totally different visualizations from that to settle on, that is really fairly exceptional among its competitors even nowadays. you'll produce cards and pages and customise them in any means you wish, from text writing associate degreed single-data points to making an app for the app store. on the far side basic charting, though, commands square measure rather subtle and need some drill-down and a lot of advanced skills. Still, output visualizations square measure all right done, tho' it's never as straightforward to create impressive, spectacular visualizations because it is with Microsoft Power metallic element.

Overall, Domo's biggest drawback is what appears like associate degree superannuated UI. This drawback possible can rank as associate degree "OK, we are able to endure it" quite learning curve if you've got old users. But, if your finish goal is total information group action to everybody (short of the physical plant custodians and, hey, maybe them, too), then this is often in all probability not the app for you. Instead,