About us

Hi there

I am Jemes

I board Siam ANd am operating as an English professor for alittle faculty on the outskirts of Krung Thep.

I'm holding AN M.A. in Applied Linguistics and TESOL from NYU.

I like to travel and love to immerse myself in alternative foreign cultures.

http://www.softwarereviewsonline.com  was designed and is intended with the language learner in mind.

I have discovered the potential of computer-based learning tools once traveling and dealing abroad, and thru numerous. I custom-made early to the trend of technical-based coaching and see heaps and much of advantages in it.

After finishing my studies i made a decision to travel the planet, and started to seem for how to attend categories whereas on the road. learning software system was the most effective alternative at that moment. on-line categories followed, that continues to be one among the largest trends these days. Mobile learning became a lot of and a lot of convenient and technically attainable with all following generation mobile devices on the market without delay. therefore I actually have determined to review those programs on my very own, serving to professionals, students, and lecturers to search out the most effective suited program for his or her wants.

I'm committed to put in writing honest "no-fluff" reviews that specialise in my very own, real experiences of every product. Also, my technical helper within the background (Thanks Mark) power-assisted ME to form this (hopefully) easy web site. Graphics square measure developed with load time as a priority.

I hope you found what you were longing for. If not, please do not hesitate and phone ME.

To do so, please use the e-mail address printed on my contact page here.

Thank you for visiting my web site, and happy learning experiences ahead!


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